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Chapter 1.6-Universal Changes

Both Jeremy and Katherine expected that marriage would change their normal everyday life and in some small ways it did.  Katherine was now Mrs Norwood instead of Miss Wood, they opened a joint bank account and they had to change their tax filing status.  Those were the only changes so far as they could notice because everything else stayed exactly the same way as always.

One minute these two would be sweet, loving, and romantic.

Then all of a sudden all hell would break loose when she discovered that he put the empty milk container back in the refrigerator instead of throwing it away or she washed his smelly lucky socks before a big game.

But those little lover's quarrels ending up forgotten after a night of passionate love making.

This is the way they lived their life and they were happy this way.  Nothing would ever change them nor did they want to change but a big change was on the way.

One night they must have been in a too much of a hurry to get to the make up sex and they must have forgotten to do something very important.  Having a family was something they both wanted but not this soon.  Spending some quality time as a married couple while searching for the perfect house was their plan.  They were living in a small four room house with one bedroom and bath. The nearest school was miles away so there was no way they could raise a family there.

Finding a house that both of them liked was another problem.  All the real estate agents in Meadow Glen knew a headache was on the way every time they had to show these two a house that was up for sale.  If he loved the house the lighting wasn't too good for her or there was not enough closet space.  If she liked the house it was too small for him or not enough room for a pool.  There just seemed no pleasing both of them until.....

they found a house right outside the city. It was a beautiful area that had plenty of playgrounds and places where the kids could go out and play or ride their bikes.

There was an area in the back yard with enough room for the swimming pool for Jeremy and a swing set for the baby. This was the house they both agreed upon so a bid was placed on it which was soon accepted. They signed the contract as Mr. and Mrs. Norwood and that is when it hit both of them. They did consider themselves a married couple due to their ceremony in Aurora Skies but legally they weren’t married in Meadow Glen or this universe.

Katherine could have sent a message to Grandpa Emmett so he could use one of his futuristic high tech toys to fix the records. That is how Katherine had all her necessary paper work to establish her life in Meadow Glen when she first moved here.  He was able to hack into anything here in a split second and he lived for those opportunities to laugh at those out dated systems.   However the couple decided to deprive Grandpa of his fun and opted for a private ceremony in a local chapel. He was the star quarterback of the Meadow Glen Marvels and she was a bestselling author so they didn't want anyone to question the legality of their marriage. 

Setting up the nursery had to wait for the results of the ultrasound. Not because they wanted to wait they just couldn’t agree on the decor. Katherine wanted wall paper with teddy bears and bunny rabbits holding balloons in pastel colors for the baby girl she was sure she was having.  Jeremy wanted to go with an all sports theme for his son.  They debated the issue for days on that until they received the answer when they went to the appointment for the ultrasound.  It showed that that they were both right it was twins, a boy and a girl.    Katherine was overjoyed because she always wanted a big family but Jeremy was a little bit worried.  He wasn't sure if they could handle more than one baby at a time.  He tried to put a happy face for Katherine but failed miserably.

The decor problem was solved though, they compromised by getting neutral pastel colors with some sport elements and werewolf teddy bears.

Even though these two fought like cats and dogs over little things they really did love each other.  They each knew what was important to the other and what lines never to cross. When it came time to start talking about names for the babies the decisions were made easily because they both respected the other's wishes.

Katherine wanted to name the boy baby Julian after her father and Jeremy agreed to it without even thinking twice.  He knew she had a very close relationship with her father and that she missed him terribly.  When the topic of girl's names came up Jeremy asked if he could name their baby girl after his mother and Katherine had no objections.  Jeremy's mother died of cancer a very long time ago and Katherine knew how much he loved and respected her.  So it was decided that the girl baby be named Penelope but they would call her Penny just like his mother.

As the months passed they prepared for the babies to arrive. The nursery was furnished with two of everything and they went to Lamaze classes together. Everything was going fine until the third trimester hit and Katherine became uncomfortable and very moody. The longer the pregnancy lasted the moodier she was and her favorite target was her husband. Jeremy realized it was the pregnancy hormones causing all the trouble but there was times that he made matters worse by saying the wrong thing.  He thought he was complimenting her when he said she looked like a cute little rolly polly.  To say that didn't go over too well is an understatement.  Luckily for him her aim was never any good so the vase she threw at him missed him by a mile.

Finally Katherine's contractions hit and Jeremy rushed her to the hospital but he never realized what labor would do to her and how long it was going to take.

He tried to get her to do her breathing exercise but she kept yelling for more drugs.  There was nothing he could do to calm her down or make her feel comfortable.  It seemed like they were going to be there forever when a very painful contraction hit her.  She grabbed Jeremy hand and squeezed with all her might while letting out a blood curdling scream.  Jeremy looked at his hand and shook it a bit.

"Ouch! Kathy!  Geez do you know how much this hurts?" Jeremy asked innocently not realizing what his wife's reaction was going to be.

"YOU  are complaining about how much pain YOU are in!"  Katherine screamed at the top of her lungs.  "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!  I have two wolves coming out of me and its all YOUR FAULT.  YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DID THIS TO ME and YOU are complaining about YOUR FUCKING PAIN."

He was about to remind her that she was there when those babies was conceived but he wisely let that one go.  "I know you are uncomfortable,"  Jeremy said with desperation in his voice, "I wish there was something I could do to help."

Katherine gave him the death glare and said "Haven't you done enough ALREADY?"

Jeremy wouldn't dare say anything else at that point.  He was just happy that her head wasn't spinning around and she was spitting pea soup at him.

The labor lasted twenty very long and very tense hours but in the end they brought home two beautiful and healthy babies

While Katherine was in the hospital the portal appeared and Holly and Emmett decided to stay and help out with the twins.

Holly loved to cook when they were in this time period as synthesized futuristic food left much to be desired.  She made sure that Katherine and Jeremy had a home cooked breakfast waiting for them.

Emmett went straight to work upgrading "the dinosaur" as he called it.

Knowing that Katherine and Jeremy didn't have any other relatives around the Woods decided to stay for a long extended visit.  At least until the twins were out of their terrible twos.  The young couple welcomed and appreciated the help as two babies required an extra set of hands or two.  Katherine also appreciated spending time with her family and Jeremy was happy to get to know his in laws better.  Things were working out for them but Holly and Emmett had ring side seats for all the battles during those two years.  Emmett even joked about selling tickets and setting up a concession stand.

The night before they the Woods had to go Back to the Future they sent Katherine and Jeremy out for a night on the town.  Holly said it was for them to have fun but truth be told she wanted more time with the babies.  Holly just watched the babies as they lay sleeping in their cribs especially little Julian.

"Jules would have been so proud of them,"  Holly said with tears in her eyes.

"He is my lady, I'm sure wherever he is watching over them,"  Emmett reassured her.  “You have to stop worrying about them. We can’t change their destiny or even warn any of our grandchildren about their future.”

“Penny will be fine. It's not her I am worried about. She will grow up happy, healthy and loved.  It’s Julian that worries me,” Holly told her husband.

“I know how hard this is for you my lady but you have to step back to let them live their lives,” he told his wife. “They will have each other to depend on.  We already can tell how close they are."  Emmett looked his wife straight in the eyes and told her, "He will always have us. We will always be here for him when he needs us.”

Author Notes:  So we come to the close of Generation 1, with the birth of two babies Katherine's goals have been met.  Here are some pictures from the Norwood family album.

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Author's Note

I know that I haven't updated this story in quite a while but it has not been abandoned.  Right now a situation has come up with my job which has taken up most of my free time.  Starting in April I will have more spare time on my hands than I know what to do with as I will be taken that month off to relax and recuperate from the ordeal which has taken over my life.  Romance on the Horizon will be returning in April as I am looking forward to writing the story again.  I do apologize for the long absence.

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Chapter 1.5-The Truth Must Be Told

The last time that Grandpa Emmett and Grandma Holly visited they gave Katherine a gift that she was overjoyed to receive. She always felt bad that she couldn't see her sister Chelsea's season on "The One" and as luck would have it A DVD collection of the best seasons had been released. Chelsea's season was on that DVD which meant that Katherine now had a chance to see it.  Katherine was never a fan of this show but now she started thinking of it differently. Maybe it was because one of the seasons’s featured her sister or maybe it was because she finally knew what it felt like to find someone to love and have that love returned.

She had been dating Jeremy for over 3 years now and to say things were not always hearts and flowers with them would be an understatement. These two always had a way of getting on each other’s nerves without even trying. Katherine was a neat freak who wanted everything in proper order but Jeremy was more laid back and carefree. This would result in huge fights over the smallest little things like who would have control over the TV remote, which way to hang the toilet paper roll under or over, why was the toothpaste cap was always left on the sink, he could never find anything because she was constantly moving all his stuff to where he couldn't find it, the orange stains or crumbs on the sheets after he ate Cheetos or Doritos in bed and of course the toilet seat being left up. Usually these disagreements would be forgotten as soon as the heat of the argument led to night of erotic passion. Their lovemaking was as just intense as their fighting. Only once did they have a fight that lasted a couple a days and that was the time that Jeremy didn’t answer the “Do I look fat?” question quick enough. Even though the makeup sex was worth it after that argument, Jeremy learned never to make that mistake again. These two proved that opposites do indeed attract as these fights seemed to fuel their relationship and made their feeling stronger for each other after each one.

One thing that Katherine always worried about was the fact that she was hiding the truth about herself from Jeremy. Katherine was from another realm with grandparents who were born 2000 years in the future. Jeremy didn’t even know that time travel was possible and that she lived in a realm he never even heard of. Katherine knew why the rules that no one was to learn about their mission unless they married into the family were so important so she was not able to tell Jeremy anything. She felt guilty about keeping a secret from him and even guiltier when he questioned her about her past. She tried to avoid the subject which usually ended up in an argument and eventually the bedroom. After a night of making love Jeremy forgot all about his questions.

Football was not in season yet so Jeremy was always home and Katherine was anxious to see her sister on that TV. She made the mistake watching the DVD with Jeremy as she forgot that he wouldn’t recognize the show or the locales at all. Never once did she think that information she was holding back from telling him would be revealed during the show. How she could be so dumb? She regretted her mistake as soon he had questions that she couldn't answer.

Jeremy noticed that the bachelorette genie did look a lot like Kathy which he just thought was a coincidence. When they showed the confessional and he seen the name “Chelsea Wood” in big letters that Jeremy started to have questions. This girl not only looked like Kathy but she had the same last name as her. Katherine started to reach for the remote control to shut the TV off but he stopped her as he knew something was up. “Hold on. I want to see more of this” Jeremy said.

“I didn’t think reality TV was something you liked,” Katherine said.

“It isn’t but I want to see this,” Jeremy said.

The bachelorette was talking about an incident that happened earlier that day. It seemed that one of the werewolf bachelors thought it was a good idea to growl at her. She ended up hitting the werewolf over the head with a rolled up newspaper because she knew how to handle werewolves. Her father was a werewolf along with her two siblings Katherine and Nicklaus.

“Now you can shut it off. How stupid do you really think I am?  Did you really believe I wouldn't figure out that she is your sister?  In fact how come you never tell me much about your family?” Jeremy asked.

Katherine never even answered even the smallest of questions about her family because she was afraid that eventually she would have to lie to him which was something she never wanted to do. He did know about Starr and a vague idea about her family because she made the mistake of blabbing her university story all over town but that is all he knew. What would she say if Jeremy wanted to meet her family? She couldn’t tell him that they lived in an alternate universe and he would have to travel through realms to meet them. The other alternative was to say she wasn’t close to them as it was a lie. These two did disagree on many things and they had no problem voicing their opinions to each other but they were always honest with each other. Lying was never an option to either of them.

“You are right Chelsea is my sister,” Katherine said. “My family lives far away and the commute is not an easy one.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you don’t speak of them,” Jeremy said.

“It’s a complicated situation and its best that we not talk about it,” Katherine said.

“You are not estranged from your family as I do remember you being away visiting them every once in a while so why is it complicated,” Jeremy asked.

“I love my family very much but…”

“But what Kathy! Are you afraid for me to meet them? Are you ashamed of me? I know you are from a privileged family and I’m from the wrong side of the tracks. Is that what it is? You are afraid to tell them you are slumming it?” Jeremy yelled back.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. I would be proud to bring you to meet my father but he lives too far away,” Katherine yelled.

“Well why can’t we just go there? This is the off season for me and you don’t have a time clock to punch. Between my contract and the royalty from your books we have the money to travel so why don’t we just hop on the next flight out. There is absolutely no reason we can’t go. Unless you are not that serious about this relationship” Jeremy said loudly.

“How dare you think that! You know how much I love you and if I could……Can you trust me a little while longer? As soon as I am able to tell you everything I’ll take you with me.” Katherine realized she shouldn’t have said that as soon as the words came out of her mouth.

“So there is more that you are not telling me? You are asking me to trust you but you are not trusting me at all. Well that is ok we don’t have to go at all. The only damn reason I wanted to meet you family was so that I could ask you father for his bles…” Jeremy stopped right there as he realized he said too much.

“What did you want to ask my father?” Katherine asked.

“Nothing,” Jeremy said. He wasn’t old fashioned but he knew that Katherine was and getting her father’s blessing would be something that would she would like. He was actually planning on asking her on Snowflake Day as they started dating on that holiday. Romance was her thing and for her he planned a proposal that would have been romantic. The last thing he wanted to do was yell this information out during an argument.

“Blessing that is what you were going to say! Wasn’t it” Katherine said “Were you planning on asking me to marry you?”

“That wasn’t the way I wanted this to happen but it seems like I have trouble controlling myself around you especially when we get into it. The more you infuriate me the more I seem to love you,” Jeremy admitted.

 “SO WILL YOU?” Jeremy shouted.

"YES I WILL!" Katherine shouted back.

That wasn’t the most romantic proposal ever but Katherine knew she wasn’t dating one of those guys from the books that she wrote. Jeremy was far from being “that guy” and he never would be. She didn't want him to be the type that would worship the ground she walked on and fulfill her every wish.  That was nice for a book but not for real life. Katherine wanted him to be himself no matter how much he annoyed her. What they had was perfect and this proposal reflected their relationship.

He was about to kiss her but then he remembered that he didn’t have the ring on him. “Wait here and don’t move,” he said as he ran back to his house. He was back quicker than she knew and he slipped a beautiful diamond ring on her finger. They kissed and he led her to the bedroom. They made love until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Neither one of them remember the argument or what it was about which is what usually happened with those two.

The next morning the sun was shining but these two decided to stay in bed and make plans for the rest of their lives. They both agreed that they needed a larger house and would start looking for one as soon as possible. Werewolves were rare in Meadow Glen and they planned on forming their own pack with their own pups so they needed the extra room.

“That’s strange” Jeremy said after he seen a flash of light came from outside, “It’s a sunny day but I swear I just seen a lightening flash and I heard a strange sound."  Katherine knew exactly what that sound was and it wasn’t the weather.

“Well last night you wanted to meet my family and it looks like you are going to get the chance today. You better throw some clothes on because I’m sure my Grandparents are here,” Katherine said. She threw a robe on and walked into the living room but it wasn’t her grandparents who were waiting for her.

“I hope you don't mind that I let myself in.  You really should lock that door" Chelsea said.  "Not wearing much under that robe are you. It looks like my saintly sister is not so saintly anymore.”

“Chelsea! I thought it was Grandma Holly and Grandpa Emmett this is a surprise!” Katherine screamed in excitement.

“Well where is the hunk that Starr told me about?  I think her exact words were that you were salivating over him as if he were the blue plate special.  I’m dying to meet my soon to be brother in law,” Chelsea said.

“How did you know about that it just happened last night?” Katherine asked.

“Oh Pul-eeze Katherine you have the same Grandparents I do. They don’t give out information unless there is a reason for it no matter how much we beg for it. Believe me I have tried and those two will not crack for anything. Everything is on a need to know basis.  They asked me to come get you to see Dad and they said to bring your fiancĂ© and to tell him everything on the way over.”

“Chelsea is Dad ok?” Katherine asked.

“When I left Dad was fine but he is very old Katherine even for a werewolf. He hasn't been the same since we lost Mom. The last thing I want to do is bring you bad news today of all days but I think we have to face the facts. Grandma Holly was trying to hide her feelings but she was too upset to come herself so they sent me. I hate to say this but I think we have to prepare ourselves for the worse. I’m sure there is still some time as you know they would want to give you a chance to spend time Dad again.  This is why you need to come with me now.”

Jeremy came out to see the two sisters in a serious conversation and he immediately sensed that something was wrong. “Kathy is something wrong?” Jeremy asked.

“I hope you were serious last night when you said you wanted to leave right away to meet my family because we need to go right now,” Katherine said.

“Where are we going? You never told me where you were from,” Jeremy asked.

“It’s a place called Aurora Skies” Katherine said.

“I’ve never heard of it” Jeremy said.

“Chelsea and I will explain everything to you on the way over and this whole tale might sound far-fetched but I assure everything you are about to hear is true and top secret” Katherine explained.

“As you might have guess I'm Chelsea.  She lets you call her Kathy?” Chelsea asked with a laugh in her voice. “How did you manage that? She hated when Nicklaus and I did that as kids.”

“Because you and Nicklaus are not him. He is the only one allowed to call me Kathy!” Katherine said.

The three of them traveled to Aurora Skies and Jeremy thought the whole story was a bit crazy but he did believe it and he promised to keep it all a secret. When they arrived in Aurora Skies Jules was in perfect health but soon his condition changed.

The couple decided to get married in Aurora Skies as Jules was too ill to travel through the realms. He was still able to walk his little girl down the aisle but it wasn’t long after the wedding that he died.

Jules was able to rest in peace knowing that he left both his daughters in good hands.

Authors Note: I'm sad to say that Jules has passed away in my game.  He was always a secondary character but he was important and loved in my story for a very long time.  I would like a post a memorial to Jules here.